N9N Special Event

Here are a few selected MP3 clips of the audio recordings that I captured of  N9N on 20m on the evening of Sunday, August 3, 2008. There is some variation among the clips in audio level. Also, the  voice pitch varies due to imprecise tuning / drifting of my transceiver's VFO.  Some of the stations contacting N9N could not be heard at my Birmingham, AL location.

Nautilus 90 North

What the event is about



KJ4AUQ Charlie in Hoover


While listening to this series of exchanges I could hear a bugle in the background when Don was speaking. I looked at the clock -- it was about 7:05 pm CDT, so I concluded that the American flag was being lowered at the USS Nautilus museum. To hear the full tune "Retreat", go to the Flag Rules and Regulations page and scroll down to the section "What music is played raising and lowering the flag?"

Be sure to see Don's August 8 wrap-up report

Many thanks to Don and all the volunteers at Groton, CT for the 2000+ contacts commemorating this historic event!